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Circo Abusivo – the italian explosion !

Posted by easternxpress on February 10, 2009

A journey between theatre and irony, mazurkas and bossanovas, sounds you’d expect from an unhinged orchestra, but with a remarkably powerful sound …… creeping happily along among the meandering tunes which sparks manic dancing and frantic applause. Kletzmer, Rom music, native roots of Valtellazija, the colours and flashes of multi-ethnic folly ….. you get all this in a concert by Circo Abusivo! Music from far away, but which seems to belong to the deepest part of the human soul. The audience can’t resist the call of energy, which draws them into the whirlpool of dance, as they strive to free their souls and reach for the sky to capture the notes of the crazy orchestra. ‘Un train de vie’ which brings back memories of gipsy parties and where the only rule is to be what our soul wants to be, going round the fire of life, inebriated with emotions.

circo abusivo

For a while now a drifting, rambling strain of music has been heard doing the rounds… a music whose melodies weave together the suggestive harmonies of middle-European/gypsy sounds, the aggressive energy of punk and the Italian tradition (our national beat and the soundtrack to some pretty ‘fruity’ 1970s films). The type of music which could have been written by a mad, low-ranking club band 50 years ago…if the musicians had only listened to something other than ballroom dance! That’s the sound of CIRCO*ABUSIVO!

NEW CD RELEASED : valtellazijarevolucija (2009) feat. Eugene Hütz from Gogol Bordello


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