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Los Gallos de Attica : ska from the Black Sea !

Posted by easternxpress on May 19, 2009

LosGallos– ska from the Black Sea –

Los Gallos de Attica is a Stockholm-based band that came to life in 2005. Some of us were working at the same factory when it closed down and we decided to go to Cuba for a long vacation. We stayed mostly in the cities of Havana and Cienfuegos where we learned a little Spanish, practiced the traditional music instruments, hanged around with local bands and got to know many talented musicians. Back in Skandinavia we got several friends involved and started to rehearse. Many of us are big fans of Jamaican music, so we decided to play ska and reggae with Spanish lyrics and some punk attitude. In mars 2006 we performed a song on student radio and later that year we got our first gig at Musslan Bar. Usually it’s a quite, little place for only fifty persons, but that night it was about 100 people there, packed like sardines in a tin. Since then we have played at many local clubs and bars, private parties and schools. Once we even played at the bikers club. In the end of 2008 the band recorded six new tracks at studio Dubious. This time we have added Eastern European beat to a couple of songs, a few elements from Klezmer music and a little Balkan unza unza.”

“Los gallos de Attica” eller “The cocks from Athens” eller “Tupparna från Atén” är ett Stockholm band som blandar ska, reggae, latin med östeuropeiska rytmer. “Ska from Black sea” helt enkelt.


Andrei – trumpet, vocals
Dr. Ego – vocals
Iván – guitar
Joel – guitar
Lars – bass
Lowe – sax, clarinet
Marcus – drums

22/5, 9pm : Los Gallos de Attica @ Hijazz, Uppsala. 60kr


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