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Leningrad, The Man Who Sings

Posted by easternxpress on August 30, 2009

Leningrad the man who sings (with a kalashnikov)


Germany & Russia © 2008

Director: Peter Rippl

Documentary / 83 minutes /

English Subtitles

The Story of a Boy-Band ‘Made in Russia’


Packed with rollicking live footage ‘The Man who sings’ is a feature film documentary on Russian Polkapunkband Leningrad. Playing a weird mix of Polka, Ska, Tango, Punk and traditional popular music these 15 conservatory educated ‘punks’ obtained cult status at the end of the nineties in Russia.

If you think Gogol Bordello is unique – Leningrad should be a surprise.

There is a lot of music in the film, great music, and exciting onstage performances. But the film is more than just songs. It gives you an insight into how people perceived the massive changes in Russia over the past years, the dynamics of a fast, colourful and difficult decade. You’ll meet many people, in many different roles: Shnurov as a rock star and a diligent worker, Leningrad fans and opponents, music business representatives, artists… with all but unanimous opinions on music, friendship, money, politics, language, and business.

Leningrad was the antithesis to what happened in Russia. And it’s synthesis.

Produced by Best Before Filmproduktion.

Official Selection:

EasternXpress festival 2009

MOFFOM 2008 Prague International Music Film Festival IN COMPETITION

ZAGREBDOX International Documentary Festival 2009

49th KRAKOW International Film Festival 2009

‘Message To Man’ International Film Festival, St. Petersburg 2009

GLOBIANS Doc Fest, Berlin 2009


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