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Dog Hotel (Hotel za pse)

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Dog Hotel (Hotel za pse)Dog hotel

experimental film, 7 min, 2007. Croatia.
directed by Miranda Herceg.

“I have moved to a new address.
I don’t meet my neighbors at all.
All I hear is dogs barking.
I don’t know anyone here; I only know the
apartment numbers.
There is no identity here, no friends or intimacy.
All the tenants are like hotel guests – just numbers.”

They feel safe behind closed doors.
They only communicate with dogs.
So they become dogs.
All alone, left in the dog hotel.
The transformation from man to dog is represented by the change in the shooting
formats from 35mm through Mini DV and digital camera to cell phone. This is because
dogs have relatively poor eyesight. In parallel, the sound intensifies over the course of
the film to symbolise the acute sense of hearing that dogs possess.

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.


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