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Three Love Stories

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Three Love Stories3 love stories

Short feature film, 25min, 2007. Croatia.
directed by Snježana Tribuson.

This is a black-humor story about three women who are abused by their men, each in her own way. The first part speaks of a woman who was kept locked by her jealous husband, first in the house, and then in a cupboard, until she fled to a safe-house.  This part of the movie is interlaced with the introductory elements of the story about a woman who ended up in prison for having cut off the hand of her abusive husband. Despite the evidently bad relationships in both these cases, the men claim they still love their wives.  The third love story is a story about an elderly woman who is finally living in the long-desired harmony with her husband, now that he is bed-ridden and mute after a stroke…


  • Ljiljana Bogojević
  • Judita Franković
  • Dragica Srećković


Dani hrvatskog filma – national festival in Zagreb – Octavian award – critic’s award for the best film

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.


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