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The Final Sacrement

Posted by easternxpress on September 10, 2009

The Final SacrementThe Final Sacrement

short fiction, 43 min, 2005. Croatia.
directed by Ivan-Goran Vitez

Hang him high.

Croatian countryside. Middle of the night. Darko, owner of the local agricultural discount-shop, wakes up the vicar of the small parish church to reveal his own dark secret to him. But that’s not the only thing Darko is planning to reveal to the vicar.


  • Darko:Ivo Gregurevic
  • Priest:Ivan Glowatzky
  • Ljudevit:Dean Krivacic
  • Lemac:Ivo Lemac
  • Andrija:Zlatan Zuhric Zuhra
  • Ivo:Pjer Menicanin
  • Joza:Dragutin Nusshol


  • Dani hrvatskog filma 2006. Croatia – best script award
  • IFF of film and video Dugo Selo 2006. Croatia – best film, best script, best director, best film photography, best editing
  • Zagreb film festival 2005. Croatia – competition Kockice – best film award

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.


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