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Freudenthal Yiddish Klezmer Band

Posted by easternxpress on December 5, 2009

Freudenthal Yiddish Klezmer Band is a Stockholm based group intent on exploring mainly 1950’s american klezmer as it was played by people like Dave Tarras and Sam Musiker and yiddish jazz.
Besides playing classic klezmer songs the band also features a lot of own material composed by Alexander Freudenthal and Hans Nyman.
When not playing in the Freudenthal Yiddish Klezmer Band it’s members can be found playing in the most diverse settings.

Alexander Freudenthal – clarinet & vocals
Peter Lindhamre – trumpet
Staffan Findin – trombone
Hans Nyman – accordeon
Jakob Freudenthal – bass
Pär Jaktelius – drums

coming concerts :

15/12, 9pm @ Hijazz, Uppsala. 60kr, 50kr for EasternXpress members.

20/12, 7pm @ Nalen, Stockholm.


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Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Zibur plays traditional klezmer, and self-composed music influenced by klezmer ompa-ompa and Balkan music. You will alternate between swinging, crazy dancing and melancholy !
The band was formed in Lunnevads folk high school in autumn 2004 and consists of talented young musicians who together have musical roots in classical music, jazz and folk music.
You can listen to them at the EasternXpress festival 2009.zibur

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Leningrad, The Man Who Sings

Posted by easternxpress on August 30, 2009

Leningrad the man who sings (with a kalashnikov)


Germany & Russia © 2008

Director: Peter Rippl

Documentary / 83 minutes /

English Subtitles

The Story of a Boy-Band ‘Made in Russia’


Packed with rollicking live footage ‘The Man who sings’ is a feature film documentary on Russian Polkapunkband Leningrad. Playing a weird mix of Polka, Ska, Tango, Punk and traditional popular music these 15 conservatory educated ‘punks’ obtained cult status at the end of the nineties in Russia.

If you think Gogol Bordello is unique – Leningrad should be a surprise.

There is a lot of music in the film, great music, and exciting onstage performances. But the film is more than just songs. It gives you an insight into how people perceived the massive changes in Russia over the past years, the dynamics of a fast, colourful and difficult decade. You’ll meet many people, in many different roles: Shnurov as a rock star and a diligent worker, Leningrad fans and opponents, music business representatives, artists… with all but unanimous opinions on music, friendship, money, politics, language, and business.

Leningrad was the antithesis to what happened in Russia. And it’s synthesis.

Produced by Best Before Filmproduktion.

Official Selection:

EasternXpress festival 2009

MOFFOM 2008 Prague International Music Film Festival IN COMPETITION

ZAGREBDOX International Documentary Festival 2009

49th KRAKOW International Film Festival 2009

‘Message To Man’ International Film Festival, St. Petersburg 2009

GLOBIANS Doc Fest, Berlin 2009

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Newafresh : underground artistic concept from St Petersburg

Posted by easternxpress on June 30, 2009

disko chertikiIf you meet Kolyok and Kolenka, two artists from St Petersburg that crash-landed in Czech republic and founded Newafresh, you’ll be surprised. Appart from wandering around with 4 little red devils in the subway, they paint all sorts of things, clothes, bags, funky suitcases etc, they revisit the Matrioshka (russian dolls) into something else than the usual political figures that sell around for tourists. They also make live performances under the name of Charming Freaks, where Kolya DJs live on his own musical compositions, accompanied by video projections and a show with costumes.

If you want to see their show, come for the EasternXpress festival 2009 !


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Iva-Nova – extreme girls from Russia

Posted by easternxpress on February 11, 2009

affisch Iva-NovaIVA NOVA was formed in St.Petersburg in 2002, when five young Russian ladies met to create a new collective of musicians. All of them had had vast experience of playing at gigs with various groups and having found themselves to be really kindred souls, they started off their joint career, naturally and courageously combining the tunes and instrumentation of traditional Slavonic music with the energy and attitude of punk.

Their original songs with tunes and lyrics based on the riches of the folklore, are catchy and sensitive. Fuzzy dirt-simple guitar riffs and explosively frenetic percussion supported by the poignant bass and the energy of jazzy accordion fill their performance with both rural restlessness and urban craziness.

IVA NOVA‘s sound is driving and powerful, their live acting is cheerful and often humorous: this high-spirited music will hardly leave anybody untouched.

“Iva Nova is the coolest Russian female band”, writes Russian Rolling Stone Magazine.

Folkpunkig kvintett från St Petersburg

Lite rysk melankolisk folkmusik, en distad elgitarr, rätt mycket humor, dragspel och trummor. Och så Vera Ogarevas Dr Jekyll/MrHyde-röst på det. Som om Hedningarna och Sex Pistols skaffat fem ostyriga döttrar.

Så låter det. Lika galet som bra.

3/6, kl.19.30 : Iva-Nova (RU) @ Parksnäckan, Uppsala

5/6, kl.21 : Iva-Nova (RU) + Unga Örnar & DJ Slivoviska @ Sigurdsgatan25, Västerås

6/6, kl.22 : Iva-Nova (RU) @ Södra Bar, Stockholm

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Bands we recommend !

Posted by easternxpress on February 11, 2009

  • Deti Pikasso (RU)
  • Naekhovichi (RU)
  • Marksheider Kunst (RU)
  • Pakava It (RU)
  • La Caravane Passe (FR)
  • Slonovski Bal (FR)
  • Lo’Jo (FR)

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Posted by easternxpress on February 11, 2009

  • [dunkelbunt] (AT)
  • Total Blam Blam (RU)
  • Gypsy Sound System (CH)
  • Sacha Dieu (UK)
  • Mata Hari (ES)
  • Shazalakazoo (Serbia)
  • DJ Soumnakai (FR)
  • DJ Pontell (RU)
  • DJ Global Ruckus (USA)
  • Dr Baian (DE)
  • DJ Badre (DE)

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Bands from abroad

Posted by easternxpress on February 11, 2009

  • Iva-Nova (RU)
  • Circo Abusivo (IT)
  • [dunkelbunt] (AT)
  • Klezmaholics (PL)
  • Under Dogs International (NO) + Kultur Shock (US)
  • Terne Chave (Tchech republic)
  • Boogie Balagan (FR/ISR)
  • Kampec Dolores (HU)
  • Emigrante (FR)
  • Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird (DE)
  • Trans-Siberian March Band (UK)
  • De Cecco – Jeszensky (IT)

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Bands based in Sweden

Posted by easternxpress on February 11, 2009

We are in contact with and support the following bands :

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Circo Abusivo – the italian explosion !

Posted by easternxpress on February 10, 2009

A journey between theatre and irony, mazurkas and bossanovas, sounds you’d expect from an unhinged orchestra, but with a remarkably powerful sound …… creeping happily along among the meandering tunes which sparks manic dancing and frantic applause. Kletzmer, Rom music, native roots of Valtellazija, the colours and flashes of multi-ethnic folly ….. you get all this in a concert by Circo Abusivo! Music from far away, but which seems to belong to the deepest part of the human soul. The audience can’t resist the call of energy, which draws them into the whirlpool of dance, as they strive to free their souls and reach for the sky to capture the notes of the crazy orchestra. ‘Un train de vie’ which brings back memories of gipsy parties and where the only rule is to be what our soul wants to be, going round the fire of life, inebriated with emotions.

circo abusivo

For a while now a drifting, rambling strain of music has been heard doing the rounds… a music whose melodies weave together the suggestive harmonies of middle-European/gypsy sounds, the aggressive energy of punk and the Italian tradition (our national beat and the soundtrack to some pretty ‘fruity’ 1970s films). The type of music which could have been written by a mad, low-ranking club band 50 years ago…if the musicians had only listened to something other than ballroom dance! That’s the sound of CIRCO*ABUSIVO!

NEW CD RELEASED : valtellazijarevolucija (2009) feat. Eugene Hütz from Gogol Bordello

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