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Vie de Chien (Dog’s Life)

Posted by easternxpress on September 1, 2009

Vie de chien (Dog’s life)dog's life

dance video by Sylvie Balestra (France) and Tihana Jovanic (Croatia)
2008. 9min.

The video Vie de Chien takes place in the outdoor space in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris as well as in an indoor space. The outdoor sequences question the comportmental habits of humans and their reactions to unordinary presence in public spaces. The indoor sequences reflect inner states and impulses that we all carry in our bodies while moving in urban landscapes, not being able to put in acts while in a public sphere. The video is framed by a sequence that shows a character moving back and forth like in a video-game. The sound is the original ambient sound and participates along with the image in creating atmospheres and their contrasts. This video aims to question our humanity confronted to contemporary space/time situations, especially in big cities, where alienation takes more and more ground.

Tihana Jovanic studied contemporary dance with the French choreographer Kilina Cremona in Zagreb and Split, where she also teaches contemporary dance. Since 2001, she has been practicing dance improvisation within the dance collective La renverse directed by the French choreographer Isabelle Lasserre. Until 2006, she takes part in In/out dance project that experiments with the body in different indoor and outdoors spaces. Simultaneously, she studies Feldenkrais with Francoise Figuiere, Body-mind centering with Vera Orlock, “From breath to movement” with Brigitte Dumez, deepening her experiences in dance improvisation and instantaneous composition with Julyen Hamilton, Anna Halprin and Simone Forti. In 2006, she does a PhD in molecular biology. Since 2006, she has been teaching Dance improvisation through a sensible and experimental approach of dance and movement. Her work is based on the practice of experimental anatomy and dance improvisation techniques and her pedagogical approach is based on the scientific and intuitional knowledge of physiological processes in the human body. At the moment, she is directing an educational and artistic dance project called “New dance dimensions” in Split. She has recently choreographed Zoom in/Zoom out dance performance.
Her artistic work is oriented towards research in dance and interdisciplinary projects about the body. She participates in international artistic projects, among which Rhesusdanse in collaboration with the French dancer/choreographer Sylvie Balestra.


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