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katushka !Klubb Katushka at Kalmar Nation in Uppsala !

EasternBeats distillated by the Sputnik Kollektiv.

Balkan beats, russian ska, gypsy punk, crazy klezmer and oriental madness on the dancefloor !!!

Klubb Katushka collaborates with EasternXpress for the booking of live bands and guests DJs.

20/2, 8pm-1am : Sputnik rules ! Klubb Katushka ! @ Kalmar nation, Uppsala

12/3, 8pm-1am : Kalashnikov meets Katushka ! DJ Damon Zurawski [Klubb Kalashnikov] vs Sputnik Kollektiv @ Kalmar nation, Uppsala

17/4, 9pm-1am : Balkan Beat Party at Katushka ! @ Kalmar nation, Uppsala.  DJ von Bismarck [Balkan Beat Party Göteborg]

7/5, 9pm-1am : Kvartet Traktor (live) at Katushka ! @ Kalmar nation, Uppsala. Guest DJ : Slava Jefimov. 2 Dancefloors!

lördag 28/8
fredag 24/9 : DJ Mujaheddin (Dorlene Love)
lördag 30/10 : DJ Plackartnyj
lördag 27/11 : Dorlene Love (live)


on n’a pas reservé nos billets mais on devrait prendre le même train que Ricifi le 2/7. Retour date incoonue 🙂 on n’est pas très organisé…




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