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On Phenomena & Existencies no3

Posted by easternxpress on September 19, 2009


On Phenomena & Existencies no3

Video Installation 4′, 2006. Russia/Holland.
directed by André Schreuders.

An absurd story about the so-caller fluid thinking of the Russian writer Daniil Kharms, seen through the eyes of the young philosopher Danya. Two guards on the roof of the State Publishing House in St Petersburg maintain order in the city. They closely follow the Rules for the Guard that were formulated in the 1930s by Daniil Kharms. One of the guards is the young philosopher Danya. He has a special, almost friendly, relationship with the dead Kharms. He thinks about his work and tries to envisage how words can break a permanent gaze.

Based on a short story by the Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942), this is a film about fluid thinking in a multilayered mixture of animation, poetry, documentary & fiction…


  • Danya : Anton Matveev
  • Max : Maxim Kudryavtsev-Nevzorov

Produced by Marc Thelosen / Serious Film.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

on Phenomena & Existences no. 3

director’s statement & synopsis

Daniil Kharms (1905-1942, St Petersburg, Russia) is a writer of absurd stories. Most of them are written in a black humoristic style. Often they are full of paradoxes. But they are not only funny. All writings of Kharms are experiments of form. In the 1920s Kharms is part of the Russian avant-garde. Daniil Kharms searches for a new language, which would lead to what he calls ‘fluid thinking’. ‘Fluid thinking’ is the opposite of logical thinking. It is a way to break our common fixed concepts of reality, to let us see reality instead of our concepts. ‘Fluid thinking’ is a paradox. With our thinking we try to understand and so to grasp and control the chaos we experience. But the fluidity is the opposite of grasping: let the chaotic reality flow as it flows. ‘Fluid thinking’ is a way of thinking like a river, like a stream, streaming as reality is, beyond ideas.

The film is based on two texts of Kharms. The inspiration for the story line comes from I was on the roof of the State Publishing House…. This text contains a list of rules for the guards on the roof of the state publishing house in St Petersburg to maintain order in the city. Danya, the main character in this film is one of the guards on the roof. But in reality he is also a philosopher and interpreter of Kharms. He tells about his interpretation of ‘fluid thinking’. He also he recites a text of Daniil Kharms about ‘fluid thinking’ which is called: 11 Assertions by Daniil Ivanovic Kharms. This philosophical and poetical text is almost not understandable. Maybe only if we succeed to think fluidly. The clear, open and surprising images of this film attempt to give a direct access to the deeper meaning of the work of Daniil Kharms.

André Schreuders


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Once upon a time, when the wind was still fiery

Posted by easternxpress on September 18, 2009

once upon a time

Once upon a time, when the wind was still fiery

3 min, dv cam, 2005. Holland.
directed by André Schreuders.

A man walks with his metaphysical axe through the endless winter forests of life.


  • René Castelijn

Produced by AS Film.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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The Final Sacrement

Posted by easternxpress on September 10, 2009

The Final SacrementThe Final Sacrement

short fiction, 43 min, 2005. Croatia.
directed by Ivan-Goran Vitez

Hang him high.

Croatian countryside. Middle of the night. Darko, owner of the local agricultural discount-shop, wakes up the vicar of the small parish church to reveal his own dark secret to him. But that’s not the only thing Darko is planning to reveal to the vicar.


  • Darko:Ivo Gregurevic
  • Priest:Ivan Glowatzky
  • Ljudevit:Dean Krivacic
  • Lemac:Ivo Lemac
  • Andrija:Zlatan Zuhric Zuhra
  • Ivo:Pjer Menicanin
  • Joza:Dragutin Nusshol


  • Dani hrvatskog filma 2006. Croatia – best script award
  • IFF of film and video Dugo Selo 2006. Croatia – best film, best script, best director, best film photography, best editing
  • Zagreb film festival 2005. Croatia – competition Kockice – best film award

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Zibur plays traditional klezmer, and self-composed music influenced by klezmer ompa-ompa and Balkan music. You will alternate between swinging, crazy dancing and melancholy !
The band was formed in Lunnevads folk high school in autumn 2004 and consists of talented young musicians who together have musical roots in classical music, jazz and folk music.
You can listen to them at the EasternXpress festival 2009.zibur

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Photo Atelier (Foto Atelje)

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Photo Atelier (Foto Atelje)Photo atelier

experimental film, 10min, 2008. Croatia.
directed by Lukas Nola.

Victims de-victimised on the net.

Photo atelier used to be the place at which memories were chosen. Today, with the presence of the media, that choice is no longer personal. How objective is the personal choice of one’s memories? And what is personal?

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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Dog Hotel (Hotel za pse)

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Dog Hotel (Hotel za pse)Dog hotel

experimental film, 7 min, 2007. Croatia.
directed by Miranda Herceg.

“I have moved to a new address.
I don’t meet my neighbors at all.
All I hear is dogs barking.
I don’t know anyone here; I only know the
apartment numbers.
There is no identity here, no friends or intimacy.
All the tenants are like hotel guests – just numbers.”

They feel safe behind closed doors.
They only communicate with dogs.
So they become dogs.
All alone, left in the dog hotel.
The transformation from man to dog is represented by the change in the shooting
formats from 35mm through Mini DV and digital camera to cell phone. This is because
dogs have relatively poor eyesight. In parallel, the sound intensifies over the course of
the film to symbolise the acute sense of hearing that dogs possess.

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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Three Love Stories

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

Three Love Stories3 love stories

Short feature film, 25min, 2007. Croatia.
directed by Snježana Tribuson.

This is a black-humor story about three women who are abused by their men, each in her own way. The first part speaks of a woman who was kept locked by her jealous husband, first in the house, and then in a cupboard, until she fled to a safe-house.  This part of the movie is interlaced with the introductory elements of the story about a woman who ended up in prison for having cut off the hand of her abusive husband. Despite the evidently bad relationships in both these cases, the men claim they still love their wives.  The third love story is a story about an elderly woman who is finally living in the long-desired harmony with her husband, now that he is bed-ridden and mute after a stroke…


  • Ljiljana Bogojević
  • Judita Franković
  • Dragica Srećković


Dani hrvatskog filma – national festival in Zagreb – Octavian award – critic’s award for the best film

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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The Drought (Suša)

Posted by easternxpress on September 9, 2009

The Drought (Suša)The Drought

short fiction, 14 min, 2002. Croatia.
directed by Dalibor Matanic


This is a story about a girl on an island far, far away, who is the only human able to walk. While struggling to keep things normal, the pieces of her well hidden intimacy become visible.


  • She:Leona Paraminski
  • Mother:Tamara Bogunovic
  • Grandma:Marija Geml
  • Priest:Robert Perisic

Produced by Kinorama.

Screening at the EasternXpress festival 2009.

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Ion Popescu-Gopo

Posted by easternxpress on September 3, 2009

Selection of romanian animations by Ion Popescu-GopoOmuletul


Screening at EasternXpress festival 2009

in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Ion Popescu-Gopo (May 1, 1923November 28, 1989) was a Romanian graphic artist and animator, but also writer, movie director and actor born in Bucharest, Romania. He was a prominent personality in the Romanian cinematography and the founder of the modern Romanian cartoon school. He was, together with Liviu Ciulei and Mirel Ilieşiu one of the few Romanian film artists who won an award at Cannes in the 20th century. His film “Scurtă Istorie” (A Brief History) won the Short Film Palme d’Or for best short film in 1957.

Ion Popescu-Gopo has been attending (but never graduated) the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest and animation courses in Moscow.

His career started as a designer and cartoonist in 1939, publishing caricatures and editorial cartoons in newspapers. 1949 brought his debut in the film industry with “Punguţa cu doi bani” (Bag with two coins). Since 1950 he started working for Studioul Cinematografic Bucureşti (Cinematographic Studio Bucharest) in the animation department, that later broke into a separate animation studio, Animafilm.

His most known cartoon character is a little black and white man sometimes referred to as “Gopo’s Little Man” after his creator. Later in his life Popescu-Gopo confessed that he tried to start an “anti-Disney rebellion”. Unable to surpass Disney‘s animation characters in color and beauty, Popescu-Gopo tried to be more profound in message and substance and simplify the form and techniques used. Unlike Disney‘s cartoon characters, Popescu-Gopo’s cartoon characters were black and white, designed in simple lines.

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Vie de Chien (Dog’s Life)

Posted by easternxpress on September 1, 2009

Vie de chien (Dog’s life)dog's life

dance video by Sylvie Balestra (France) and Tihana Jovanic (Croatia)
2008. 9min.

The video Vie de Chien takes place in the outdoor space in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris as well as in an indoor space. The outdoor sequences question the comportmental habits of humans and their reactions to unordinary presence in public spaces. The indoor sequences reflect inner states and impulses that we all carry in our bodies while moving in urban landscapes, not being able to put in acts while in a public sphere. The video is framed by a sequence that shows a character moving back and forth like in a video-game. The sound is the original ambient sound and participates along with the image in creating atmospheres and their contrasts. This video aims to question our humanity confronted to contemporary space/time situations, especially in big cities, where alienation takes more and more ground.

Tihana Jovanic studied contemporary dance with the French choreographer Kilina Cremona in Zagreb and Split, where she also teaches contemporary dance. Since 2001, she has been practicing dance improvisation within the dance collective La renverse directed by the French choreographer Isabelle Lasserre. Until 2006, she takes part in In/out dance project that experiments with the body in different indoor and outdoors spaces. Simultaneously, she studies Feldenkrais with Francoise Figuiere, Body-mind centering with Vera Orlock, “From breath to movement” with Brigitte Dumez, deepening her experiences in dance improvisation and instantaneous composition with Julyen Hamilton, Anna Halprin and Simone Forti. In 2006, she does a PhD in molecular biology. Since 2006, she has been teaching Dance improvisation through a sensible and experimental approach of dance and movement. Her work is based on the practice of experimental anatomy and dance improvisation techniques and her pedagogical approach is based on the scientific and intuitional knowledge of physiological processes in the human body. At the moment, she is directing an educational and artistic dance project called “New dance dimensions” in Split. She has recently choreographed Zoom in/Zoom out dance performance.
Her artistic work is oriented towards research in dance and interdisciplinary projects about the body. She participates in international artistic projects, among which Rhesusdanse in collaboration with the French dancer/choreographer Sylvie Balestra.

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